About Novopiel

NOVOPIEL was born out of Dr. Cordero’s unwavering commitment to address skin inflammation at its root rather than merely soothing the surface symptoms.

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Revolutionizing Skin Care

About Novopiel

At the heart of Novopiel’s inception is a profound concern for the health and well-being of patients worldwide. Dr. Cordero, a distinguished pediatrician, was the driving force behind the creation of NOVOPIEL, the game-changing Topical Vitamin Supplement for the Skin. Witnessing his patients build resistance against conventional drugs and observing the adverse effects of steroids on sensitive skin ignited a spark in Dr. Cordero to explore a more holistic, natural solution.

NOVOPIEL was born out of Dr. Cordero’s unwavering commitment to address skin inflammation at its root rather than merely soothing the surface symptoms. His vision was materialized in the form of a unique, potent, yet gentle vitamin supplement. The results were extraordinary – patients experienced unprecedented improvement in their skin conditions, reinforcing the effectiveness of this groundbreaking approach.

Harnessing Nature's

Healing Power

NOVOPIEL stands out with its commitment to natural, organic ingredients. We firmly believe in harnessing the potency of nature’s bounty, thus enabling the skin to rejuvenate and heal from within. By aligning with the skin’s natural healing properties, NOVOPIEL provides soothing relief without introducing harmful side effects.

Excellence with Global Standards

NOVOPIEL is not a product of chance, but of meticulous research and development carried out in world-class laboratories in Germany and the United States. We maintain the highest global standards in our pursuit of creating a top-tier Topical Vitamin Supplement for the Skin, ensuring the superior quality and effectiveness of NOVOPIEL.

Affordable Skin Care for All

Unlike commercial drugs monopolized by the medical system, NOVOPIEL breaks the mold by offering both excellence and affordability. Our goal is to make this life-changing supplement accessible to everyone, enabling the wider population to experience its incredible benefits without burdening their budget.

Proven Effective

for Various Skin Conditions

sun burn

NOVOPIEL has demonstrated effectiveness in a variety of challenging skin conditions, including specific unhealthy skin conditions resulting from eczema, burns, early stages of decubitus ulcers, and diabetes-induced skin lesions. These conditions often lead to inflammation, disruption of skin cells, and cell death. With NOVOPIEL, you now have a potent ally to combat these skin afflictions, helping you regain healthier, stronger skin.

NOVOPIEL’s journey from a pediatrician’s vision to a revolution in skin care speaks volumes about our dedication and commitment to skin health. It’s more than just a product; it’s our pledge to help you nurture your skin, naturally and affordably. Experience the transformative power of NOVOPIEL, the Topical Vitamin Supplement for the Skin, today.